Best Electric Skillets

Electric skillets or electric frying pans are a great way to cook food anywhere. All you need is a power outlet and your imagination. Use the skillet to bake pancakes or cook some hearty filling soup. The choice is yours!

Electric Skillet Reviews

Best Brands for Electric Skillets/Woks

Electric Skillets/Woks operate and appear the same as the traditional skillet or wok except for the fact that in order for them to function, you need to plug them into electric power instead of putting them on a stove. In order to keep in the steam, there is a lid you can keep on the skillet. These skillets/woks have a dial that can be used for controlling the temperature. These come in really handy in the kitchen when you need to cook food on accurately regulated temperature. While these are important in the kitchen set up, they have immense importance when it comes to cooking food outdoors on camping trips and picnics. You can find these skillets/woks available in a great range of prices.

Cuisinart makes some of the most modern and versatile Electric Skillets/woks. The maximum cooking temperature offered on the dial is 450°F and the heating performance of these skillets/woks is very good. These skillets/woks are easily washable in the dishwasher. All you have to do is take the temperature probe off and the skillet becomes dishwasher safe. For people who are conscious about their weight and cook non-fat food, this skillet is the perfect cooking equipment, with its non-stick surface. All these features are not it. Cuisinart also offers a cookbook with it so that new users can try out delicious recipes.

Other than Cuisinart, some of the most popular sellers of Electric Skillets/Woks include Rival, Presto, West Bend, Aroma and Villaware. The electric skillets and woks by Rival are some of the lightest in terms of weight. The products by Rival, Presto and West Bend are really great and easy to use because of their simplicity. Presto offers skillets and woks in larger sizes. The electric skillets and woks by Aroma and Villaware are more stylish in their design and have more features. The ones by Villaware are relatively pricier and beautifully designed.

In case of a wok, the bigger the size, the better it is. This makes it easy to cook the food and stir it without throwing it out. Considering that woks are usually considered for stir-frying, which is done at high temperature, it is important for the electric wok to be more powerful. Around 1500-watt of power works perfectly for these woks. If you are looking for an electric skillet, then go for a rather flat one. There are some skillets that come with removable pans. Look for one with a flat even surface so that there is equal distribution of heat and the oil doesn't run to the sides.

Some of the features that are important in Electric Skillets/Woks to be present include first and foremost, a long cord, preferably between two to six feet so that moving the skillet from one place to another is easy. In addition, you should also look for an electric skillet that comes with an indicator light. The steadiness of the skillet/wok is another important fact especially while you are stir-frying. So while making the purchase, you ought to check the rubber legs used for holding the skillet/wok steady.


Top Rated Electric Skillets

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